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 What Is This?
A library of helpful paddle sport information is available here divided by category. Want to find the locations of paddle trails or canoe/kayak rentals in your state? Need some tips on camping? Watch some videos on paddling techniques or...just pass some time dreaming about your next paddling trip?

Pour a cup of your favorite beverage, surf the Resource and How-To categories and enjoy.
Selecting A Topic:
Many of the publicly available YouTube or Vimeo videos listed here will display by just tapping on the image. Your browser or mobile device will handle whether is shows in a popup window, or links directly to the website.

For articles and stories that reside on other websites, a new window will be opened to display that content on that website. We do this for several reasons:
1) The article may be copyrighted and its proper web etiquette to link to the authors page.
2) The screen resolution of the website displaying the article may differ from this application.
3) Opening a new window assures that your place on this page is maintained.