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Paddler contribution of expertise and knowledge is always welcome. Paddlesports are an assumed-risk activity and visitors are encouraged to thoroughly research topics and use their good judgment.

Website Mission:
PaddleClicks.com is committed to improving paddling skills, awareness and safety by providing paddling news feeds, message-boards, updates on river, coastal and weather conditions and links to informative tutorials and videos.

How Does PaddleClicks Work?:
Several background robotic services run on our servers 24/7 to aggrevate, compile and cache data from a variety of organizations into our database. This caching allows us to provide rapid screen updates on your mobile device or web browser.

A few of our major data-sources are:

To deliver a convenient paddlesport news reader, we tap into a growing list of magazines, blogs and organizations who provide automated RSS (Really Simple Syndication) news feeds. The list of RSS feed sources can be viewed from the Choose Favorite Feeds menu selection (Feeds on Home).

For more information on our data sources, see the Credits menu item.
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