WaveWatch III HELP


  What Is This?
The NOAA/National Weather Service provides an ocean wave prediction model that is run four times a day. This service receives input from wind and wave sensing products developed by the National Center for Environmental Prediction.

This page steps through the NOAA generated animated loops of 180 hours (7.5 days) of predicted wave height and direction for selected regions of the US coastline.

Interpreting the wave colors:
At the bottom of the animated image, you will find a color coded legend. The more blue a wave color is, the smaller. The closer to red or purple, the high the wave is predicted.

NOAA WaveWatch III
Significant Wave Height and Peak Direction 7-Day Forecast

Loading Storm Graphics Loops
NOAA Note About WaveWatch III:

The significant wave height is a measure for the wave height, and closely corresponds to what a trained observer would consider to be the mean wave height. Note that the highest wave height of an individual wave will be significantly larger.