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 What Is This?
River Favorites: Provides the ability to save up to 40 favorite USGS gauges or NOAA coastal stations to a single quick-check page. The initial selection is based on popular rivers in your state. You can quickly switch to lists of river gauges in other states or search over 8,000 USGS gauges. Current flows and levels are updated automatically every 30 minutes from the U.S. Geological Survey Water Services.

Rivers are listed alphabetically based on their USGS gauge name. The tiny graphs to the left of each river name indicate the approximate rise and fall over the past seven days. Initially, a sample list of popular gauges is displayed based on your detected US state location. There are multiple options for viewing and selecting gauges. See below instructions for adding or removing gauges to your favorite list.

Color Coding of flow:
The current flow is color coded with a small arrow indicating it's change over the past four hours. This is NOT related to desireable paddling level (best determined by individual paddler judgement).
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Predicted Flow icon: Where is shown, clicking will display a NOAA hydrologic prediction graph for stream flow based on forcasted precipitation.

The Last USGS Refresh date and time is displayed at the top of the page. Between 8,000 and 9,000 USGS river gauges are accessed twice hourly to assure flow data is current.

Search USGS Gauges
Select the Search button (top left) to search for any cataloged river name. You may enter a part of a river name to search.

Change Rivers View:
Select the View button (top center) to switch the display between your Favorites list and popularly used gauges by state. You many reset your Favorites list to any state by choosing the Make Current View Favorite button at the bottom of the list.

Import and Export Tools:
Select the Tools button (top right) to bring up the Import and Export options that allow you to either email your favorites list to another device, or import a list into your current device.

Adding Favorite Rivers:
On a River Detail page, click on the Favorites checkbox at the top of the page titled: Favorites. When it says "Saved" that River or Lake will be added to your Favorites list.

Removal of Favorites works the save way when a checkbox is tapped again to remove the check.

Note: You may add up to 40 river gauges to your Favorites list.
Rivers Access Anywhere:
The footer navigation bar is available at the bottom of from most pages. Rivers is the right-most button.

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